3 Ways to Use Hot Sauce At Your Next BBQ

Hot sauces are super versatile and a great way to upgrade any barbecue without much effort. Here are 3 ways to use hot sauces at your next barbecue.

If you’re into hot sauce, you know that there’s one for every occasion: the ultimate go-to that goes on top of everything, the one you use exclusively as seasoning, and others that just sit in your pantry because you fell for the pretty packaging. Hot sauces can be used on pretty much anything, but one place where they shine is in barbecues: they make the perfect pair to your BBQ favourites wether that’s grilled meats, burgers, hotdogs, or all the veggies. In the barbecue, hot sauce isn’t just a sauce — it’s the secret ingredient to a memorable meal.

  1. Hot Sauce Barbecue Marinade or Brine

The importance of marinating or brining meats before grilling is high on the list if you’re looking for flavoursome, melt-in-your-mouth meats, or extravagant vegetables. Add your favourite vinegar-based hot sauce to a marinade/brine to help break down the tough meat tissue and tenderise it.

  1. Hot Sauce Barbecue Glaze

Did you know you can keep that marinade and turn it into a delicious glaze? Place it in a saucepan, add a few tablespoons of sugar to thicken and cook on medium-high heat until it reduces to a thick, glossy, sweet and spicy glaze! Add more hot sauce for flavour if needed. Brush on-top of nearly done meats for an added sweetness and punch-full of flavour.

  1. Hot Sauce Barbecue Dips

My favourite way to use hot sauce in dips is to create a “dip board”: different bases and different spice levels to please all palettes, from toddler to crazy level.

Here are my favourites:

-Fig Scotch bonnet and Mustard Sauce

-Blueberry & Banana Scotch bonnet and Mustard Sauce

-Banana Scotch bonnet and Mustard Sauce

Get creative and mix-and-match!