Pancakes Sausage and Bacon with Jamco Fig Dressing

Pancakes Sausage and Bacon with Jamco Fig Dressing

Pancakes roulé sausage or bacon with Jamco fig dressing

An easy-to-follow unique and delicious recipe with sausage for you to cook for yourself, family or friends anytime during the day.

Ingredients for 7-9 pancakes

250g flour

3 eggs

250ml of milk

200ml of water

1 spoon of oil


1 clove garlic


Black pepper

½ lemon juice

Ingredients for Jamco fig dressing

1 tablespoon of Jamco fig spread

2 spoons of olive oil

1 clove garlic

½ lemon juice


Black pepper


3 Sausages or 3 slices of bacon

Jamco fig dressing

Wild rocket salad

Making the dough

Place the flour in a bowl, the 3 eggs, mix before diluting with milk and water.

Wash, chop the parsley and add it to the dough.

Wash, press the clove of garlic and add it to the dough.

Add a tablespoon of oil, salt and black pepper.

Let stand for half an hour at least, if possible.

Making Jamco fig dressing

In a ramekin put 1 spoon of olive oil, 1 well-pressed clove of garlic , ½ lemon juice, salt , black pepper and 1 spoon of Jamco fig spread. Mix well with a spoon all the ingredients.

Making the pancakes

Oil the pan with a clean cloth between each pancake.

Cooking the sausages

Before cooking the sausages, wash them with ½ lemon juice and rinse.

Put your pan on medium heat, place the 3 sausages and add some Jamco fig dressing on top of the sausages.

Turn every minute or two the sausages, for about 15 minutes, or until nice and brown on all sides. Make sure that your sausages have cooked all the way through, you shouldn’t see any pink.

Using a fork place your sausages on a paper towel, this will help absorb any excess grease or oil.

*Note: you can cook the bacon on a cold or hot pan. Cook the bacon to your liking (extra crispy, a little loose or floppy)

Place your sausages on the pancake

In a plate, place a pancake place a sausage at the edge of the pancake. Scatter some wild rocket salad and drizzle some Jamco fig dressing. Finally roll your pancake.

Voilà and Bon appétit!!