Delicious Vegan Friendly Spreads

Jamco spreads is a selection of high fruit content and low added sugar content spreads. So far, there are 14 delicious fruit spreads in the jamco spread selection.

We, at Jamco spreads are very well aware that even though we are all human beings, we are different which makes us uniquely beautiful, and therefore enjoy different things, have different tastes and have different diet lifestyles according to our beliefs, religion or for whatever other reasons.

Jamco spreads pride itself to inform to its dear customers and potential customers that every single spread in the Jamco spread selection is vegan and gluten-free.

Yes, vegan and gluten-free spreads! On top of  being vegan and gluten free spreads, every single spread in the jamco spread selection can be used in a variety of vegan culinary activities and season (Christmas, Easter, Shrove Tuesday, Valentines, Summer and etc..)

Berries fruits smoothie

that make your food even more special as jamco spreads are so incredibly versatile that they can be used beyond breakfast. Jamco spreads have a diversity of vegan recipes that use jamco spread as an ingredient in your cooking, your baking, your smoothies and much more. Jamco spreads vegan recipes are available to you on our vegan recipes page which can be viewed here. (‘Here' should link viewers to the vegan recipe page).

We, at Jamco spreads are committed to offering our customers freshly source and ethical products.

We believe that everyone regardless of their diet should try the
unique taste our vegan and gluten-free spread selection offers and that
everyone should spread the word.

Jamco spread selection is made with love and passion for everyone to enjoy. Spread the love. It will be much appreciated.